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That doesn’t mean you nee to hide your dreams in a faraway box. You can start learning with free materials. We have curate a selection of video tutorials and books for you. Video Tutorials and Lessons Master Classes with large videos about famous Russian film directors. You’ll learn about the director’s career path, and his approach to the film industry; his channel is where you’ll find videos about directing, producing, eiting, and more. You’ll learn how documentaries and feature films are made. And you’ll also be able to watch interviews with famous directors on film subjects. Eight video lectures by Internet Project’s film studies course law candidate and philosopher Alexander Pavlov, deicate to modern film studies methods.

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You’ll learn about concepts like quasi-film, cult film, horror theory, and more. Book Georgia Phone Number List Professional Directors. Masterclass You will learn about. The unique working methods of famous directors such as Woody Allen. Martin Scorsese and Takeshi Kitano. You’ll become familiar with the complex filming process and learn the secrets of writing scripts and interacting with actors; All aspects of mobile cinema. Tips for Beginning Directors, A practical guide for beginning directors, in which the author tells how to make fun movies on your smartphone.

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Stanislavski. The first Russian director, In the book, the author tells the life USA CEO story of Stanislavsky. You will learn about the master’s childhood, his professional growth path, difficulties, joys and dreams; about the director’s career. Textbook, a collection of essays by a prominent Soviet theater figure. In which the author shares his experiences and thoughts on the art of directing. Start watching our selection of video tutorials or read the book and you’ll gradually immerse yourself in the world of directing and see how much fun it can be for you. It is much easier to choose a course after such a dive.