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Another possibility is that its website is very famous, or its marketing is mainly offline. Spend some time digging into engagement metrics to better understand how users interact with your website. Social Media Social media channels are increasingly popular, but not necessarily direct acquisition channels. Campaigns on social platforms aim to increase brand awareness and loyalty. This is a great place to check audience demographics, popular content types, and other preferences. Suppose you observe a spike in the number of social media traffic visits to a page for a particular brand. Discover what it was doing at the time, and research why it was so successful.

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Screenshot from Similarweb showing year-month social traffic and Cameroon Phone Number List engagement peaks. .Consider Company Information Take a close look at the companies you have identified as your biggest competitors for traffic and audience engagement. Consider company size and revenue. If your size is a fraction of the market leader, you probably don’t need to be compared to it in every way. For example, more employees create more content and should drive more traffic through content marketing. Check your competitors’ market share to see how it correlates to their traffic share. Also, it is realistic to evaluate the market potential to determine what you can get. Having said that, it’s always good to keep an eye on industry leader statistics and industry averages to use as benchmarks. . Analyze products to investigate products and product lines.


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A change in product mix might be something you need to mention in your USA CEO report. Some competitors compete with you on all fronts, while others may offer only one similar product – but this can still be a threat to your market position. Investigate the tools and techniques used by your competitors. Find out how competing brands are positioning themselves in terms of pricing and differentiating advantages. What promotional methods did they use? These could be coupons, free trials, loyalty programs, etc. If these factors impact the bottom line, they can be quantified and presented in the report. For example, if all competitors are using chatbots, it might be worth noting in a competitive analysis report.