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During the course, you will not only learn the basics of entrepreneurship, but also start your own business. You’ll decide on profitable business areas, calculate the resources needed to start a project, and develop a go-to-market strategy. You will understand the legal norms and learn how to manage financially competently, you will be able to overcome the break-even point and attract investment in the development of your business while earning ₽ Read more about the best business courses, online services and business books on the blog If you’ve set your business direction and are ready to start conquering the market, go for a professional online course.

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Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscription Channel UAE Phone Number List Subscriptions How to Start a Business in a Sought-after Niche: Professional Online Course Starting a business from scratch is a complex undertaking. Without knowing the specifics of your niche market and entrepreneurial experience, you risk making mistakes, wasting time, and most importantly, wasting money. But the exit is nearby. Novice entrepreneurs can take entrepreneurship courses and, under the guidance of seasoned experts, prepare working strategies for how to start and scale a business. How to develop a business plan, who to partner with, where to start and how to develop a project all have the answers in the program below.

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Best Retail Store Opening Intensive course guide for starting a retail USA CEO business. You’ll learn what to calculate and how to calculate it during the business planning stage so you don’t break the bank. During the 1-day intensive training, you will decide on niches and assortments of retail merchandise and develop concepts for future stores. You’ll learn how to equip a trading floor, correctly price products and assemble a qualified workforce. You will be able to attract customers with the help of competent marketing and avoid common mistakes when opening an offline store from The best business course on the market at the Russian School of Management In 2 months, you will learn how to become an online retailer And set up shop in the market.