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Sometimes when you focus too much on the details, you miss the big picture. It’s important to first understand your industry and how your competitors’ affiliates compare. To do this, use Similarweb’s Find Affiliates tool – the same tool we used earlier – but this time, you’ll click on Industry Affiliates. Enter your industry to get an overview of affiliate marketing norms. You’ll see the total number of referral visits and the percentage of all visits for your vertical. This is a good benchmark you can use to see if your site is getting a lot of referral visits.

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You’ll also see top members in your industry. Keep these in mind when analyzing which ones to Sweden Mobile Number List work with your competitors and which ones might be good targets for you to work with. Fashion and apparel industry affiliates. Understand Affiliates Not All Affiliates Are Created Equal! You want to know which are the most successful and see which of your competitors are getting quality traffic from each referring site. Here are the metrics you’ll need to do this: Engagement Similarweb analyzes referral site engagement based on bounce rate, session duration, pages per session, and more. Sending traffic is not enough. Top affiliates send engagement traffic, and the more engaged your visitors are, the more likely they are to convert.


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For your convenience, Similarweb actually names an Engagement Leader for each site that USA CEO recommends or gets the most engagement from affiliates. Some referring sites may send engaging traffic to multiple merchants. It’s good to know because it can tell you if they’re focused on one competitor, or if they’re an active affiliate with multiple partners. Still here? OK Rival affiliates of fashion and apparel engagement leaders. You can also analyze competitors by their traffic engagement scores. It’s all about understanding the quality of traffic rather than quantity. See which affiliates are sending the most traffic to your site and your competitors’ sites. Target? Work with affiliates that have proven themselves sending engagement traffic.