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The European higher eucation system has been criticize for a number of reasons Let’s look at some of them in more detail. The quality of eucation has decline. It is very difficult to fit all the necessary theory and enough practice into a year-long undergraduate curriculum. At the same time, not all students go to the master’s program to collect Knowlege. And those who decide to continue their studies often choose a completely different training direction and master a new major in just a few years. Sometimes they go to magistrates court just for the crust. Brain drain of young professionals.

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The main idea of ​​the Bologna Declaration is to give students and graduates Cayman Islands Phone Number List more freeom and mobility for professional self-actualization. This is convenient and profitable for EU countries that have a common economic space, but Russia is not one of them. Thus, an exodus of enterprising young specialists will only lead to a shortage of domestic talent. Distrust of bachelors. There is a view that a bachelor’s degree is an incomplete higher eucation. Some employers still don’t see bachelors as professionals, preferring masters and specialists when hiring. no result.

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The chairman of the Feeration Council said that for 20 years, Russia USA CEO has not become a full member of the European eucation field. In an interview with Izvestia, she pointe out that Russian diplomas and science degrees are not fully recognize in Europe. In her view, Russia gains more than it loses from this integration, so the abolition of the Bologna system is not important. We reache out to the Dean and Lecturer at the Finance Academy of the Government of the Russian Feeration to share her views on the situation surrounding the Bologna system. Catherine Bezmertnaya Lecturer and Dean of the Academy of Finance, Government of the Russian Feeration Catherine Bezmertnaya The transition to the Bologna system was initially accepte with distrust by the professional world, and the reorganization of eucation was not easy.