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World wars, revolutions, communism, repression, the collapse of the Soviet Union tease out the causes of these events and draw your own conclusions about the impact of difficult historical periods on our lives today. In addition to the video lessons, you will also receive presentations, cheat sheets, tests and assignments to solidify your knowledge, and you can discuss your views in the course chat from in How to Understand Politics Major Ideologies course Even if you don’t want to delve into politics, it Still permeates many areas of our lives. Look at the political line of the country, see whether you can enjoy free education and medical care.

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Whether you can serve in the army, whether you can receive a pension, and so on. During Japan Phone Number List the course, you will understand what the main political ideas are based on and advocate what liberalism, conservatism, socialism, fascism and anarchism are. You will understand why there are wars, revolutions and coups in the world, and you will be able to form a clear political position. The program includes hours of online lectures, assignments, quizzes, and chats with experts and fellow students How Everything Works in the Economy in Purchasing Course Years News is always talking about key interest rates, defaults, budget deficits, and other obscure things, but they There is no explanation of what to do with the money and what to prepare for tomorrow.

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The course will help you understand how capitalism works, the USA CEO determinants of economic growth, the role of central banks and how economic crises develop. You’ll learn basic economics terms, understand what’s happening in the domestic and global economy right now, and be able to manage your finances more rationally for in Synchronizing Religion and Philosophy Which ideas of Eastern beliefs are reflected in Western popular culture you will find out in the following program.