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PPC drives traffic and sales, but if you also want it to improve your ROI, you need a defined strategy to make sure you’re doing it right. Here’s the cheat sheet for getting started with PPC for eCommerce. What is PPC for eCommerce? For eCommerce businesses, PPC can be one of the main traffic drivers for your online store. This is a form of digital advertising where you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks, you don’t pay. On most advertising platforms, you choose who to target your ad with and how much you’re willing to pay for each click.

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The ad platform then presents your ad to relevant audiences who are likely to Portugal Phone Number List click. Ecommerce PPC It’s about getting your store or product in front of highly targeted prospects who are likely to buy. An example is retargeting potential customers who visited your eCommerce store but abandoned without buying anything. Some of the most popular PPC advertising networks include Google Microsoft Ads (aka Bing LinkedIn Ads Facebook Ads Tabla Outbrain Ecommerce How PPC Works? With eCommerce PPC, you can create advertising campaigns based on your specific goals. Here’s how it works Set your goalsChoose your keywords and ad networkDevelop a bidding strategyDesign your ad and creativeStart your PPC campaignMonitor your performancePayperclickOptimize, optimize, optimize some of your ads Goals will determine which platforms you use.

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How much you’re willing to pay per click, how long your ad runs, and who your BT Leads audience is. Therefore, the first three factors you should consider are Placement of your ad placement refers to the ad platform itself and the type of ad you choose to display. The most popular PPC platform today is Google Ads, which accounts for of all PPC advertising. But remember, Google isn’t the only platform. Consider running your eCommerce PPC ads on Microsoft Advertising, Amazon, or social media networks with niche audiences. Each ad platform offers a number of different ad types that you can run.