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In this article, we have collecte a large vocabulary of interior design terms in general, marketing and technical concepts, proceures and tools, and design styles. Hide article content 1. General termsTechnical termsPrograms and tools for interior designersMarketing termsInterior design styleSummaryGeneral terms Let’s start by explaining who a designer is, what branches the interior designer profession has, and how the term design project is interprete. Designers are generalists who create beautiful and functional layouts and images in the virtual and real worlds. Design has many directions: graphic and web design, modelling, landscape architecture, and of course interior design.

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Here, we discuss different design domains. Here are some articles from our Algeria Phone Number List collection: Majors You Want in Design: Who to Become and Where to Learn According to the Top Ranke Best Online Design Schools Where and How to Get a Job as a Designer Without Experience: A Detaile Checklist with Advice as a Designers, How to Build Your First Portfolio Step-by-Step Instructions Useful Books for Aspiring Designers You can find more design articles on our blog. Residential designers design interiors of private spaces: apartments and houses. He understands the characteristics of a typical layout and how to change it without breaking the law. Designers of public spaces develop projects for commercial buildings: offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

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He takes into account the business task and the nees of the target audience USA CEO and creates. Places that make visitors beautiful and comfortable. The project designer decorator chooses decorative elements for the place: textiles, lighting, furniture, accessories, etc. He skillfully combines different types of decoration and knows how to make an interior harmonious and complete. In one of the articles, we took a detaile look at the decorators online course. Read, get inspire and choose suitable course design projects Documentation reflecting future interior design concepts and plans: color combinations, composition, placement of individual items in the venue.

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