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Amazon also allows you to add product videos. This is another great way to make sure shoppers get a good idea of ​​your products and increase sales. of consumers say product videos help in their decision-making process. You can create a video that showcases the product and its features, or a lifestyle video that shows shoppers how the product will impact their day-to-day life. Who wouldn’t want to watch a video about how the oven makes dinner prep so easy? . Create Your Product Descriptions This is another place where your keywords shine. Your product description should include all important keywords about your product.

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You need to include all the important features that people look for and the different Bahamas Phone Number List ways people describe them. For example, say you sell headphones. People might search for headphones, headsets, earbuds, or even earphones. All of these are important keywords that can bring people to your product listings. It may be tempting to write a long-winded essay about how versatile and wonderful your product is, but you need to optimize your description and make it easy to read. Most people won’t come to Amazon to read anything lengthy unless they’re probably buying a book!, so make your description easy to scan. You can do this by listing features in bullet points or using bold text sparingly. This is where you will use the long tail keywords you find from the Amazon search bar and provide all the information about the product size, benefits, features and uniqueness.


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Be careful not to stuff keywords. Amazon’s algorithm will catch attempts to USA CEO manipulate the ranking system by interfering with too many keywords. . Amazon has a special space for you to add your own keywords to your product listings. These backend keywords won’t appear on your page, but can help you rank higher. For example, we mentioned that users call products by various names. Instead of having all of them in your product description, you can list them on the backend. For backend keywords, you get five lines of characters. You can use all characters, and the phrases don’t have to be meaningful.