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What can you copy? You can’t go wrong with the video, but we also appreciate the “top-to-bottom” and “bottom-to-top” links that make it easy for readers to jump up and down the page. This Great for user experience, preventing readers from getting frustrat and leaving your site. . Amazon SEO A Guide to Getting It Right Similar Sites / Amazon SEO Amazon SEO Guide. What makes it a pillar? This post on optimizing your eCommerce website for Amazon serves as a crash course in Amazon SEO, but readers are encourag to dig deeper with links to more niche topics such as optimizing your listing on Amazon and including Amazon Product video.

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What do we like about it It uses plenty of images, which help illustrate Australia Mobile Number List prompts, enhance reader comprehension, and break down text chunks, making it easier to scan the page and digest information. what can you copy A copy of a page or a downloadable PDF of a relat topic is a great way to build trust by giving your readers something useful to download and keep for later. This page on Amazon SEO allows readers to download a free SEO guide in exchange for some personal details. They get a handy PDF and you get a qualifi lead. quid pro quo. . Modern Workplace ItLab with Microsoft , / Modern Workplace Itlab A pillar page on the modern workplace. What makes it a pillar.


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This ,-word page covers nearly all of the important features we’ve USA CEO highlight in our other pillar page examples, including easy-to-navigate content, clear sections, progress bars, infographics, downloadable PDFs, and of course lots of links to further reading . What do we like about it? If you’re looking for a pillar page template, you can’t go wrong with duplicating this one. It may be long, but thanks to its judicious use of the aforemention pillar post strategy, it’s easy to browse and find important information. It also gives you access to free eBooks and online modern workplace assessments, which are highly relevant to user queries. what can you copy CTAs.