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You don’t need to edit your photos extensively to make them look good. Instead, choose a standard filter that can be applied to all of your brand’s photos so they look professional and consistent. . Access to Live Chat Services Retail stores have always had a friendlier advantage over e-commerce stores because salespeople can engage customers by talking to them. You can win back this advantage by adding live chat service to your website. Adding live chat will prompt customers who may leave your site with an opportunity to resolve the issues that drove them to click back.For example, they can ask a field agent a question about the fit of their jeans, or find out how long shipping will take.

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Live chat agents can also use person-to-person selling techniques to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List make a sale — like offering a limited-time discount or giving a visitor a 10 off coupon. You don’t need a web development team or an unlimited budget to connect a live chat service to your website. Many off-the-shelf Software-as-a-Service SaaS options are available for any website, or you can download a WordPress plugin if your website is part of the of websites using WordPress. .Utilize Top Performing Pages If your website is like most websites, you will have some pages that attract a lot of traffic and others that attract limited traffic. A great way to increase eCommerce conversions is to use your high performing pages to direct traffic around your website.


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One way is through strategically placing internal links. For example, you can USA CEO add a banner to the side of your web page that links to other pages. Or link pages in text. Or, if your top performing pages are product pages, you can market other products through a “customers who bought this product also bought” style widget. Clothing brand The Lullaby Club uses a widget like this to show customers items in similar styles and price ranges. “Customers who bought this item also bought” example. If you don’t know which of your pages perform best, you can track them through Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. Once you understand how your customers like to shop, you can optimize your sales experience to up-sell and cross-sell, ultimately increasing your conversion rates and average revenue per customer.

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