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Of my readers pretty quickly. In addition to white space and short paragraphs, the blog should be optimized for conversion. In this context, by conversion I mean the conversion of joining the email list.  3-5 different points where the reader can join your email list. When a reader comes to your blog, they read a post and leave. You can never be sure when he will come back. It could be in a week or six months. From a business and sales point of view, this does not make sense because you have just lost a potential customer. That’s why getting the reader’s email address is important. You can always direct the reader back to the blog via the weekly newsletter. The superior cost-effectiveness of the e-mail list is indicated by the fact that with one e-mail you can make €2,500 in sales in a couple of days by offering personal coaching to the people on the e-mail list. If you have Mailchimp in use and 800 people on your list, you have just marketed and sold your services completely free of charge.

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 You should SEO to get customers without marketing expenses Okay, so far I hope I have been able to show you the power and new data effectiveness of a blog. Now is the time to rise to the next level and make your work easier in the future. That’s where SEO or Search Engine you panic, I promise you that I will make this as easy and simple as I can by just writing. In point one, I told you that the topic of the post matters. Now you know that you can find readable ideas by answering your customers’ questions with posts. If you want to make sure that all other potential customers also find your post, do this: Go to the Google Keyword Tool and create an account for yourself (if you don’t already have one). The keyword tool is free and works in conjunction with Google AdWords. You may have to do one paid advertising campaign before you can use the tool.  campaign with a budget of 5 euros and when the ad is approved, I deactivate the ad. Search for new keywords using a phrase, web page or category.

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That way you can search for keywords. Search words and phrases are what people type into the Google search box, for example vitamin. Search for different words and phrases based on the questions your potential customers are asking you. TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers Find keywords and phrases that interest the reader In the Keyword Tool, you should look for words that are searched a lot but have moderate to low USA CEO competition. For example, in the picture above, “vitamin b” and “vitamin c” are good search terms. If the number of searches is low, as in the case of vitamin d3, it can indicate that people are not actively searching for it, in which case not enough readers.