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These sites will suggest ways to improve your site’s speed, but here are some additional ideas to try: Reduce page redirects Leverage browser caching Allow compression to optimize images for SEO Reduce HTTP requests Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files . Use design to your advantage Your website is not only designed to look good. It also affects where your visitors are on the page. For example, consider the layout of the Frans Hals museum website. The site uses a “Welcome” header, deliberate shadows, and bright colors to draw the visitor’s attention to the “Buy Tickets” and “All Exhibits” buttons. Website of the Frans Hals Museum You can do something similar on your website.

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Using text, images, colors, whitespace, and other elements, you can create a Bulgaria Phone Number List visual hierarchy that directs people to elements that will grab their attention, such as a sales banner, key products you want to promote, or marketing materials. Also, you can take advantage of the locale that people default to. Many visitors follow the “S” pattern and meander along the page from right to left. Other visitors follow the “F” pattern. Some studies also show that the left side of the screen generally receives more attention than the right. A study by the Nielsen Norman Group even found that people look to the left more. To find the right layout to drive conversions on your website, use a heat map to find which areas your visitors prefer. Then, adjust your design to match.


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Offer Multiple Payment Methods Finally, diversify your customers’ USA CEO payment methods so that people can choose the option they are most comfortable with. While some customers prefer established payment options like Visa, Mastercard or AMEX, others prefer digital wallets. In fact, according to Retail Info Systems, 100 of consumers use a digital wallet “sometimes or always” when offered the option. Specifically, they prefer ApplePay, Amazon Pay, PayPal or Google Pay. Digital wallets are not going away anytime soon. At the end of the year, PayPal alone had . billion accounts. You don’t need to just offer multiple payment providers to give customers a choice.