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Getting expectations right here can help increase the validity of the results. So we included this module from the sales page: Body – How fast does it work? Body – How fast does it work? More Credibility. While we’re on the topic of believable results, let’s mention the man behind this whole thing: The Body – Building Credibility. And then back that up with more social proof…the body – more social proof. With all these elements in place, let’s get to the pitch and invite our audience to take action. Call-to-Action CTA Offers: Take the Free Quiz and Get an Evaluation CTA.

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What’s Next? Takeaway: In the voiceover here, be clear about what you want your Greece Phone Number List audience to do: “Click the link to this video to take the quiz and get a free assessment. Get your custom plan in just minutes and learn how Found can help You reach your weight management goals as quickly as possible.” Call to Action: Reinforcing Social Proof – Talking about the quiz itself Here, we better remind Found users how taking the same quiz was easy and their first step into a new life . CTA – more social proof. Call to Action: Reiterate the CTA Sometimes you need to repeat yourself. That’s what we do. Re-emphasize the CTA and guide viewers on exactly what they need to do to take the first steps toward a new weight and a new life.


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CTA – Reiterate the CTA. Call to Action: More Urgent Now let’s emphasize why they USA CEO need to click now, not later. In a limited time promotion, you can talk about how the opportunity will end on X date etc., or use a hint of urgency that works in any situation. We add a countdown to the ad to encourage more people to click before the video ends. CTA – Countdown in Seconds. Call-to-Action: Ultimate Social Proof Closes the ad by piling on more social proof to satisfy viewers’ need for proof that Found is indeed the next step toward their goal weight. CTA – more social proof Wrapping it up.