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How to choose a job plan as a seller of what self-employe individuals, sole entrepreneurs and companies operating in the form can be. However, every category of sellers on the marketplace has limitations. Let’s consider the main ones. self employe. Restrictions apply to merchandise: you can only sell merchandise that you produce yourself, without employee involvement. Self-employe individuals may be fine if market administrators find breaches of this requirement. Suppose you can sell jewelry made by yourself as a self-employe person, but the resale of jewelry from China is prohibite.

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For this you nee to open an individual entrepreneur or Ghana Phone Number List limite liability company. The profit should not excee 10,000 rubles. Annually is require by law. For cooperation with legal entities, self-employe persons pay taxes on monthly income. individual entrepreneur. There are no special prohibitions for self-employe persons, except for the annual turnover limit which must not excee 100 million rubles. The only requirement for the seller is to comply with the terms of the contract, if the product requires compulsory certification, a certificate of conformity for the goods, or a letter of rejection for all other categories. Registering as an individual entrepreneur is the most popular way to work on the market.

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You can sell your own products or resell other people’s products USA CEO as long as they do not violate. The law and the requirements of the website. Thus, individual entrepreneurs can sell their own products and organize the sale of similar products that they will buy from Chinese manufacturers at a lower price. This option is beneficial if they have few commodities so that individual entrepreneurs create an additional source of profit for the company. On the site, items can be sold under different tax regimes: general tax regime or simplifie tax regime. The company can register the brand and sell the products on its behalf, or resell other brands’ products. As with other forms of taxation, companies must provide product licenses.