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The essence of Gestalt therapy is awareness. A person ne s to learn to take care of themselves and their ne s and take responsibility for their own life. This mindful attitude towards oneself guarantees a joyful living every minute and an appropriate response to life’s troubles. Logotherapy is a direction of psychotherapy that considers the analysis of the meaning of life as the main drive for development and behavior. The founders of logotherapy were former concentration camp prisoners. He states that he survives only because he knows why he wakes up in the morning and sees sublime meaning in every minute of his existence. Psychoanalysis is a branch of psychology that explores the unconscious parts of the mind.

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The founder of psychoanalysis is Freud. From a psychoanalytic perspective, the Latvia Phone Number List human psyche is a system of independent structures that often conflict with each other the ego, or the rational part of my personality that objectively assesses reality and solves everyday problems; the superego, or superego and Ethics and value systems that are compatible with one’s environment; the id, or its unconscious instincts, drives, and ne s. The key idea is that a person is unaware of what part of the mind is driving his behavior. Here the psychoanalyst helps him analyze the client’s thoughts, dreams, and associations in order to find answers to their questions. A therapy session is the name given to a session with a psychotherapist and usually lasts up to the minute.

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Supervise comes from the Latin word for survey from above. This is USA CEO when psychologists discuss and resolve difficulties in the professional field with supervisors (mentors, more experienc colleagues). Supervision should be differentiat from individual therapy Within the framework of a supervision session. Complex client cases or problems at work are dealt with rather than personal issues. Psychodiagnostics Psychodiagnostics is a branch of psychology that identifies and measures psychological qualities, personality traits, levels of development, career suitability, etc.

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