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You’ll learn how to develop an HR strategy and learn about operations management tools you’ll learn how to conduct one-on-one meetings and meetings and set tasks for HR. You’ll learn to identify opportunities for team development, competently hire and fire employees, and develop job descriptions for different categories. You can test all learning methods in practice as part of a corporate job or an online school project. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate. Duration Months Cost HR Business Partner Course A course for HR managers, aspiring managers and business owners.

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You’ll learn how to strategize for team and company growth, evaluate employee Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List performance, select candidates and improve employee motivation. You’ll learn how to write reports and presentations on strategy implementation, learn how to speak in public and identify your own career development points Duration Monthly Cost A range of online courses for HR Directors will help you choose The lesson of How and Where Career Development is important to understand is that it is very difficult to come to a company from scratch and immediately become HR Director. For such a position, you need to gain experience and understand the tasks of the job.

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However, if you have quality training, the process shouldn’t take too much USA CEO time. The first rung on the career ladder is the position of Human Resources Manager. You will conduct preliminary interviews, prepare employee work reports, participate in the organization of company events, and help specialists solve work problems. When you accumulate experience, you can become the right-hand man of the deputy director of human resources department. You will prepare for meetings, analyze the work of the department and follow instructions from your leadership. Finally, the next step is the position of Director of Human Resources. This is the key person of the company and largely determines the development of the company.