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This can help increase watch time, so creating a playlist of videos with related topics can be helpful. Should you include an end screen? End screens can help increase engagement, so yes, they are a great addition. This is a great place to put or repeat yours and show viewers different ways to engage with you or get more of what they like from your videos. Use this to showcase and allow people to hit the subscribe button Next video in your playlist Another video channel you want to promote Screenshot of an external website Example of an end screen How do you use cards in your videos.

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Gives you these interactive elements that you can add to your videos so you Cambodia Phone Number List can promote other content directly from your videos. They can be beneficial, breaking up long videos into easily digestible parts. But you need to be very careful not to distract your audience from the actual content. That’s why it’s recommended to use cards only at the very end of the video. Using cards, you can promote videos, websites, playlists, channels, and even merchandise. Add cards to existing videos to get people interested in new videos or videos with high engagement and potential. Identify where people usually drop off, and place your card there before.

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This might keep them engaged a bit longer, or draw them into another USA CEO video. Make sure your card text is written as a compelling teaser. Look at it this way: Cards are like landing pages or popups on your website before people leave. Don’t just say watch my new video; instead, highlight what viewers will get. For example: Wondering how to get more clicks? , or here’s how to lose pounds in days, or my pick of the top dating apps, and add. Another thing to keep in mind is that people need to know that the video you’re promoting (or whatever) is closely related to the video they’re currently watching.

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