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Hire an agency service specializ in Local SEO Types of local searches There are two main types of local searches pure, mix, and inferr. pure searches Pure local searches refer to queries that include a specific location and are certain to be resolv locally by the search engine. Example”Marketing and web development agency in Valencia” mix searches Mix searches refer to queries that include a specific location and are not certain by the search engine that they are resolv locally. When a user performs a search with a geographic term , such as “local SEO positioning Alicante”, from a different location, such as Valencia, Google uses different signals to resolve the user’s intent and determine the most precise geographic location.

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Google will consider various factors, such as the user’s language and location settings, as well as other data such as the device’s IP and search history. Bas on this information, it will try to provide relevant and personaliz results for the user, taking into account both the  Azerbaijan Email List search term and the relevant geographic location. Example  «Local SEO positioning in Alicante» from Valencia Inferr searches Inferr searches are queries that do not specify a location, but Google detects that a local intent might exist. In this case, you can combine a Google Ads block, organic results, Google Maps results, etc. Example  “Buy elevating desk table” What does a SERP look like for a local search.

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The local search engine results page typically includes a directory unit first, follow by a Google Ads unit if any , follow by the local USA CEO pack or commonly call local pack three results from local businesses and then local organic results. Image factors positioning local seo ahrefs Main Factors in a local SEO strategy There are several key factors to consider when optimizing for local SEO and they are crucial to improving visibility on geographically relevant searches.

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