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In the photo in the card, you can see the sofa from all angles In the photo in the card, you can see the sofa from all angles. You can also take a series of product photos from different angles, and the service will automatically glue them together into a review. information chart. A clean infographic will help to diversify the visuals of the card. Put some great features on the product photo, but make sure the text is readable and the design looks friendly. An example infographic from the face serum card An example infographic from the face serum card To upload photos to, use a photo hosting or cloud service.

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You can add photos to directly from folders on your computer. Video users like to Australia Phone Number List watch video content, so sellers are happy to add video reviews of products in cards: Only one video can be adde to a card, and only one video can be adde to a card. On , you can embe videos from , and on , instead, you can download from meia or via a direct link. Rich in content, in addition to the usual description, you can also embe rich content in the product card. This is a mini landing page with images, text, charts and videos that can be combine in the free visual eitor. Informative and rich content allows you to tell intuitively and in detail about the product’s features in the marketplace card.

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In the web version, the mini-landing replaces the standard product USA CEO description, while in the mobile app it follows it. We figure out how to fill a product card in the marketplace with visual content Let’s move on to text. How to correctly fill in the product card: text content When adding a new product in the seller’s personal account, it is necessary to register the parameters of the product, , , etc. according to the product type. There are detaile instructions for correctly filling out the product card with technical information on the market here and document.