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Not only an opportunity to promote, but also to sell goods and services directly through social networks thanks to the built-in monetization features. There are many flexible settings in For example, a community about competitors and their active users. There’s also a keyword setting that lets you show contextual ads to an audience ready to make a decision. Also valued for its ultra-precise geolocation, so you can show your ad to people who live in a particular house or work in a particular office. Classmates social network allows you to find old friends, chat, exchange gifts and postcards.

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The older generation mostly sit among the classmates if you decide to enter the platform for Indian Phone Number List promotion, please keep this in mind. Many experts are very specific about this social network and do not understand what can be entered among their classmates. Very few people get involved in the work, although if you touch on the current topic in your post and invite people to voice their concerns, the response can be high. Calls to vote, retweet or participate in polls and contests are also good. Telegram In the popular messenger you can not only conduct personal correspondence, but also create chats for communication and channels for promotion.

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In , personalized content is better when the reader immediately understands who USA CEO the author is. The messenger has various promotional tools like voice messages, local video circles, polls, emoji reactions, the ability to upload photos and videos, and more. You can use native and open ads in other channels to attract new users. Tencent Russian social network combines the advantages of foreign digital products and WeChat. Lets you find useful job and communication contacts. The social network has interesting business features from single procurement system and electronic platform for automatic selection of tenders, customer search, business verification, built-in financial market, etc. It is a social network for entrepreneurs, experts and professionals in their fields.