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Remember: When you listen to free music, short voice messages usually begin before the tracks. These are audio commercials. Advertisers pay for impressions, ie listening, but only if the user has heard the audio of the ad. There are a lot of conditions put forward for recordings, so we recommend that you research the placement rules before creating this type of ad. Most of the time, audio ads are just recordings, but in mobile social meia apps, you can add pixel-size images to them. You can also add a buy button to your audio ad image You can also add a button to buy, order or go to the audio ad website in the image How to set up an ad in Let’s walk through how to place an ad in step Sign up.

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To start promoting, go to and sign up. Click the Start Advertising button and Peru Phone Number List fill in all fields in the registration form To register on the site, you nee to specify your email address or phone number and create a password. To register on the site, you nee to specify your email address or phone number and create a password. In the final stage of registration, you nee to select the country, language, account type and currency, specify your legal status and email address. Check the boxes next to the Agree to the offer and Processing of personal data lines and click the Complete registration button. step. Create an advertising campaign. Creating an ad starts with choosing an objective.

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All goals in the service fall into two broad categories: Conversions get you more USA CEO targete actions: subscriptions, orders, link clicks, and purchases. These goals apply to promoting small businesses like coffee shops or nail studios, as well as larger corporations (online stores and establishe brands). Visibility goals are necessary when increasing reach and getting your ad expose to a large target audience is important. Clicks and sales will decrease, but your business will become more known.