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Course Books by Great Authors You will analyze in detail the contents of the most important book in history From Shakespeare’s Hamlet to The City of Kings. You’ll investigate the characteristics of different styles and genres of literature, understand problems with writing and trace how the literary world has change over time. Each book offers a detaile lecture in audio format and an overview lesson on the literary era. You will also receive summaries, a selection of articles on.

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The work and author, and recommendations of similar books. Synchronous course Netherlands Phone Numbers List Poetry Understanding and Love In this video lecture, you will discover poetry from a new perspective, not only seeing the rhyming lines in the lines, but also understanding the deep meanings that the author put in the lines. You will meet classical and modern poets, analyze their works and poetic techniques, and bring together the tops of your favorite works for In the Simultaneous Discovery of Fairy Tales Course During the course, you will reacquaint yourself with your favorite fairy tales and learn to pay attention Adult themes in the plot, for example, references to historical events, philosophical issues, or the author’s civic stance.

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You will learn about the genre characteristics and. Plot devices of USA CEO classical and modern fairy tales. You’ll learn how writers create iconic characters and. Why the world knows today’s Nutcracker and Harry Potter at a cost Art and Creativity. Want to learn how to draw and build, or pick up a paintbrush yourself and find yourself in creativity Express, come to the professional class. Great lectures on online art are collecte below. Art History Course This one-month course is aime at designers and those intereste in art. You’ll learn how art originate in primitive societies, tracing the development of graphics, painting and sculpture to the present day.