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Reviews geo-keyword optimization

Would give for another whole article Web architecture for local business The web architecture of your site should vary according to the type of your business and plays a fundamental role for all local organic and map searches. Businesses with a single store If you have only one location , your website should be design to highlight that location.For this you can use the home for the main keyword  location. Example image local seo web architecture Multi-store businesses If you have multiple locations , each one should have its own local SEO optimiz page.

And consistency of contact information

This means including specific address and contact information for each location. Here, the ideal would be to leave the home page for brand searches and dicate two verticals. In the menu, one for locations and the other for services. Then you can  Australia Email List link them internally and other very interesting tips that I will tell you later. Image example architecture information seo local multi-site From Google My Business to Google. Profile In 2023, Google My Business has evolv into Google Profile. For Local SEO positioning, we use Google Data Studio for local. SEO reports, now call Looker Studio, and Google Business Profile for everything relat to the business listing. Token typology There are several types of listings in Google Profile, including business listings, product listings, and service listings.

Country Email List

Across different platforms Local

Each one has unique features and benefits to optimize your local SEO. Google Profile Optimization for Local SEO. Next, I leave you 6 essential USA CEO tips to optimize your. Google Profile tab  Business Categories  You can add up to 9 categories. but the main one is the most important. Images  logo, cover, videos, 360, etc. Add services andor products. Add attributes: pets, payments, etc. Business labels. Hours, holidays, web, coordinates. Image city streets and local seo icon Best Tools and Extensions for Local SEO in  Chrome extensions for local SEO positioning Exif Viewer Extension It is us to geolocate the images in a location and also to see their exif information.

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