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Let’s see how it looks when we put it into the keyword generator and what we find. The first metric to look at: search volume This goes without saying, but we need to give search volume its due: it matters. High traffic means a lot of people are using that keyword in searches and you should prioritize them. Read further on keyword research tips here. Screenshot of the Keyword Builder results for . The Keyword Builder shows an exact match, including lipstick. You can check additional related keywords and question queries and you can see which keyword is trending. Facing the zero-click challenge of organic search.

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The first thing that strikes your eye is that all keywords with exact match Benin Phone Number List have an extremely high percentage of zero-click searches. It is crucial to notice this, as it can affect the likelihood of these keywords getting organic traffic. Zero-click searches on Google generate instant results, meaning people get what they’re looking for on the results page without clicking on any other pages. In this case, a product ad is displayed, followed by a featured snippet and a person question box. Next, you can find a bunch of featured videos, and only when you scroll beyond them will you get organic results.

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Given the high traffic, you may still want to add some of these keywords to your USA CEO plan. Zero-click searches have become a huge problem, but a keyword generator can help you meet the challenge. find new Keywords and Analyze Performance Click on a keyword and you will get an overview of keyword analysis. You can determine who is competing for this keyword for organic and paid search, desktop search and mobile search. Keyword Analysis also shows you what the generated keywords have, how many sites, which countries the search is popular in, and which industry categories are receiving traffic for the keywords.