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Rather than exploiting personal pain points and motivations (for example, they ne a welllit home, or inch pepperoni with extra cheese, target the business directly. This inevitably affects how you develop your marketing campaigns at the “awareness” stage, and your approach to moving those businesses to the tip of the funnel. Marketing Funnel Strategy So, at this stage, you know what the online marketing funnel is, what stages are involv and how to apply them to gain insight into the customer journey.

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Now, let’s break down the funnel by stage and for each stage, explore the different Ghana Phone Number List strategies you can employ to guide prospects through it. top of the funnel strategy The top of the funnel is there to make a good impression. Your prospect is meeting you for the first time—so tuck your shirt in, adjust your tie, and shine those pearly whites. At the top of the funnel, you ne to Demonstrate your business’s USP and value proposition with a visually compelling landing page. Produce engaging content marketing—such as blogs, webinars, podcasts, or thought leadership articles that leverage your business’s niche industry knowlge—and share it on social mia.

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Target the right audience for your SEM (Search Engine Marketing campaign USA CEO of the content that BB marketers produce at the top of the funnel stage is target to their target audience. After all, what good is visibility to your business… if not the right people you make your business aware of? Our Top Funnel Tip Reengage Existing Customers The statistic that acquiring a new customer is more expensive than reengaging an existing customer is widely circulat in internet advertising. But guess what? It also happens to be exactly true. It costs five times more to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. So remember, when it comes to the top of the funnel—awareness—you have to target not only new customers, but churn customers as well.

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