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I write articles about , digital marketing, business and psychology According to the data of the analytical company, the market became the market leader in sales in Russia in 2009. The annual trade volume excees 100 million rubles. Almost double that of other markets. Overall, the number of orders for was up year-over-year. Moreover, according to the marketplace itself, 10,000 people visit the site every day and at least 10,000 orders are fulfille.

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In the article we will tell you how to organize sales on the Internet from scratch Ireland Phone Number List what kind of businesses you can connect with and how to register on the platform, create a personal account and issue product cards. Hide article content: Site Overview How to Start Selling on Facebook How to Promote Your Products on Facebook Where to Learn How to Sell on Twitter: Feature Lesson Summary Wildberry: Site Overview The Market by Entrepreneur and Her Husband Founde in the year. Today, the merchant remains at the helm of the company and manages it independently. Very successful, I must say: the sales of the platform more than double during the 2019-2019 period. Currently, there are pick-up points in seven countries.

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Here you can sell almost anything: from food and clothing to household USA CEO appliances, tools and furniture. The market has more than 10,000 different products from various brands, and these numbers are increasing every year. Who is suitable? In the global sense, this market can be calle a universal platform: according to the rules of , you can sell any goods that are not prohibite by law. For example, you can’t sell weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pyrotechnics, and certain categories of perishable products here, but everything else is allowe. However, the format of sales on the market is very specific, so a promotion on the market is more suitable for one business than another.