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This labor contract model is use when a company has the nee to attend an emergency, and must hire personnel for it. An example of an employment contract can be found in companies that hire personnel to cover repairs due to the effects of a fire or flood. The contract and the benefits of the workers remain in force until the emergency is covere. person for signing an employment contract Source: pixels Work contract subject to modality for specific work or specific service The work contract model for specific work or service, as its name indicates, is use to hire people who help provide a service, or finish a project or work of the company.

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Many companies in Peru establish a labor relationship base on this type of Luxembourg Phone Number List contract, because it allows them to have enough personnel to cover a certain type of nee in the time necessary. Work contract subject to intermittent modality Another of the types of employment contracts that you should know about is the intermittent mode. This type of contract allows companies to have staff to cover nees that are fixe, but which by their very nature are discontinuous or intermittent. In formal terms, it is different from temporary contracts, because the employment relationship is permanent.

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Only that the work is carrie out during certain periods of time or seasons. An USA CEO example of an intermittent contract is that of university professors who are part of the staff of a university, even if they only teach classes one semester per year. Employment contract subject to seasonal modality This is another of the types of contracts in Peru that cannot be missing from our list, especially since they apply to a large number of workers. It establishes a labor relationship that will only be in force during a particular season of the year, to cover a certain production cycle.

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