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See what your competitors are doing There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Chances are, you have at least a few competitors with stores similar to your own eCommerce store. If their product ranks higher than yours, the first step is to understand why. Investigate their pages and see what keywords they are targeting. Get inspired by their copy. Maybe their design is much better than yours, and you could get some advice on how to improve your user experience. Similarweb shows popular ecommerce seo keywords. List all the things they do better than you and come up with a strategy on how you can improve your site and hopefully outperform them.

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Keyword Research In blog posts, it’s easier to space out keywords so they sound natural Chile Phone Number List in the text. Keywords are still necessary for eCommerce SEO, but you need to choose where they are placed. For example, product titles and copy are much shorter than entire web pages and blog posts, so keywords shouldn’t appear awkward in the text. You need to include your primary keywords in the following places on your product page: URL Alias ​​Product Title Product Description Image Alternative Attributes Subheading Next, you should also identify Latent Semantic Indexing LSI keywords throughout your product page.


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These are relevant secondary keywords that are important for making sure USA CEO Google knows what your page is about. When doing keyword research, you should find words with transactional intent behind them. Transactional intent coupled with high search volume are two keyword elements that make your website visible to ideal users. For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce store that sells cute teas, and you want to optimize your matcha green tea product page. After doing some keyword research, you decide that the main keyword you want to target is ‘matcha green tea’ and discover some long tail keywords that a lot of people are searching for when they want to buy matcha green tea online, e g. Keywords recommended by Similarweb. The Similarweb Keyword Generator suggests keywords related to “matcha green tea.

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