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Copywriting is a method of promotion when the text contains not only keywords, but also phrases similar to them synonyms, similar concepts, and association words. Copywriting is referre to as latent, that is, implicit promotion. An example of copywriting A copywriter nees to write a text about the subway. With this word, the search engine will show articles relate to transportation, movies, computer games, large chain stores, etc. In order for the search bot to be able to select relevant pages, it nees additional phrases and words such as subway station, how to get to the subway station, etc. If these words appear in the text, search engines are likely to show the page in the general search results.

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Optimization stands for search engine optimization, which is optimizing a website for search India Mobile Number List queries so that it is attractive to readers and seen by search bots. As part of optimization, a website nees to be researche check the loading spee of the page on different devices, broken links, duplicates and content quality, then fix errors. Articles are unique texts that follow the rules of search engine marketing the text contains key phrases and has a clear structure with subheadings, paragraphs, lists and internal links. The text not only focuses on the interests of readers, but also on the requirements of search engines, and its main goal is to improve the ranking of the website in the search results and attract visitors.

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On the blog, we often talk about how to write text. Read one of the articles USA CEO How to Write Text in Optimizing an Article for Search Engines High-frequency queries are the words that users most often enter into the search bar. Frequent requests include requests that occur more than once per month. Spam is too many keywords, so search engines lower the page’s position in search results. Also, the text is hard to read and appears unnatural and incomprehensible due to too many keywords.

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