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With ConvertKit, affiliates earn a recurring commission for every new customer sign up within months. ActiveCampaign rewards affiliates with a recurring commission for new subscribers. Other recurring affiliate programs Fiverr is a freelance portal with an extensive affiliate program. It is also one of the more complicat ones when it comes to calculating commissions. The platform allows members to choose from a variety of payment structures. The payment system is intricate as the site sells service packages of varying value and containing different services. Affiliates can only receive recurring commissions for two of these packages.

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Other structures include CPA (cost per action percentages and hybrid systems including Sri Lanka Phone Number List revenue sharing. RevShare is a payment method whereby affiliate marketers receive a portion of revenue from referr users. This is relat to gaming or trading sites and what we’ve seen with freelance platforms. Screenshot of the Fiverr affiliate commission page To end this less technical explanation, let’s turn to something more emotional: the cosmetics industry. Are there any affiliate marketing programs with recurring commissions? We found two: doTerra sells essential oils online to retailers and wholesalers. The program is open to individuals, influencers, bloggers, businesses, and pretty much anyone who wants to promote this type of product. You get wholesale commission and retail client commission. Jade Bloom also offers essential oils online.

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The payment structure has four stages. Depends on how many new customers USA CEO they bring in each month. The commission structure starts at of the first order plus for lifetime and can go up to of the first order and of the recurring commission. To reach the top stage, affiliates ne to generate at least new sales in a month. Screenshot of Jade Bloom’s home page. Get data to find potential affiliate partners for your program Recurring affiliate programs are great for affiliate marketers. Companies offering affiliate programs ne to think twice if this is the best option for them. Having an indepth look at what the competition has to offer and how successful they have been in the competition helps in making the decision. Using the affiliate research tool in Similarweb, you can identify your competitor’s affiliates and evaluate their performance.