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Clicks show how much exposure your product or brand has received from affiliates. Also, for brand awareness campaigns, clicks are the first indicator of reaching a wider audience. However, clicking alone is not enough in most cases. To better measure affiliate performance, you’ll need to weigh clicks against other metrics, such as signups or purchases. This brings us to the next metric. Conversion Rate Clicks that don’t convert don’t mean much in the long run. Conversion rate measures the percentage of clicks that convert into customers. Measuring and setting conversion rate goals is one of the most basic ways to evaluate affiliates. Conversion Rate Formula A high conversion rate means your affiliates are reaching the right audience.

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Affiliates who generate lots of clicks but few conversions may be Croatia Phone Number List ambitious but not reaching the right audience. The result is a low conversion rate. But wait, don’t make it easy on yourself. The reason for your low conversion rate may also be about you. Maybe your idea isn’t compelling enough, or there’s some technical error. Customer lifetime value Customer lifetime value represents the total value that an average customer brings to a company. We’re talking about the cumulative order value you can expect per customer over time. Your ideal customer is not the one who uses a coupon from an affiliate and then returns to your local store.

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You want customers to keep coming back and making big purchases. Measuring USA CEO customer lifetime value helps you evaluate how successful your members are at attracting valuable and loyal customers. Setting goals for this metric can help you and your affiliates optimize your affiliate marketing approach and strategy.Assess which affiliate campaigns are better at attracting high-value customers and which affiliate campaigns do a better job. It also helps with your affiliate program setup. Figure out how to reward the best campaigns and affiliates. Average Order Value Average order value measures how much money customers spend on average on a single order. You can calculate this by dividing revenue by the number of orders.