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He start taking referrals and more and more people saw him. If the content is useful, users will subscribe. On average, you can get around two thousand subscribers per month. A great way to find an audience for your business. Initially, the service was call , for searching and bidding, but over time the functionality has been expand to communicate via private messages and develop professional accounts. In it you can communicate with experts in different fields; develop your personal brand; publish posts and upload stories; sell goods and services; select employees and experts to solve business problems; find jobs and clients; meet professionals. Who is it suitable for.

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After blocking personal social networks, is going through a period of recovery. According to Denmark Cell Phone Number List the data of the group company as of March 2019, the social network has more than 100 new users register every day, and the total audience is close to one million. By convention, the entire audience can be divid into four groups. entrepreneur. Businessmen from different fields can search for contractors, employees and clients on the site. In addition, for businessmen, the latest news is post on social networks every day, and services are provid to check counterparties, search for government orders or partners. employees and applicants. Specialists can meet with representatives of other business areas, exchange experiences, search for jobs Freelancer.

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In many ways, it has been able to replace the popular freelance communication USA CEO specialists. Who can post their resumes, cases and portfolios on the website and find clients. Opinion leader. These are bloggers from other social networks where their audience comes. Here they can find new subscribers and advertisers. Pros and Cons Like any other online resource, there are pros and cons and we’ve collect the main points in a table. Pros Cons Unlimit search for employees, customers and partners Focus on the Russian market Wide coverage. Even for new customers You can quickly gain an audience Competition is still relatively low User interest and. Active bots and fake accounts are block Social network founders are often in Talk about it in the news Fits different lines of business.