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Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Ad Formats in Subscription Channel Subscriptions On the platform, the ad format depends on the promotion objective. There are goals in total, and we will consider the most popular ones: Traffic through ads, you can drive viewers to your account on your website or service; App installs You place ads so users click on a link and download your app; Actions in social networks Advertise in social networks; Items in the sale catalog In the ad.

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You provide a link to a specific location in the catalog of your online store or marketplace; Reach Paraguay Phone Number List when you want to show to the maximum number of users in your target audience Applicable when advertising; Outdoor advertising is used to display advertisements on outdoor digital objects: billboards, media facades, city lights, etc. The choice of advertisement type depends on the purpose. For each objective, several types of ads are offered, but the most common ones have several options, which we discuss below. The main ad type under consideration. Multiple formats. Ads in this format adapt to the website and the device the user sees it on, desktop or mobile. You create an ad that plays on all sites in your project and adapts to different screen sizes. You can pay for clicks or impressions yourself, choosing the appropriate option based on your promotion goals.

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Multi-format suitable for advertising stores, websites, apps and games. This is the USA CEO most popular format for advertisers, so there are many multi-format ads. Multi-format ad requirements: Maximum characters for headlines, maximum characters for dynamic redirects to ads viewed on your site; maximum characters for short text standard ads, maximum characters for dynamic redirects; maximum characters for long descriptions. Long text is only visible to users on the social network, this field is optional.