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Optimize your landing pages for conversions

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However, showing is often more difficult than dictating. Rules of Visual Storytelling Here are some principles to follow in order to create a clear visual story. Convey emotion. A person buys not for possession, but for the emotion and impression that the product or service purchase makes on him. Reach the consumer with a clear visual image, touching his hopes, dreams and memories. Put the consumer at the center of the story. When a person intuitively connects himself to the protagonist, it’s easier to integrate him into the story and encourage him to act. Study the profile of the target customer and give it characteristics.

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If you want to talk about the brand, let the people behind the production Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List be the heroes. Don’t talk about the product’s benefits to showcase them. If in text we use adjectives and vivid images to describe a product or service, a visual story is create to show it all clearly. If you want to create really high-quality ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t skimp on good designers. Add to sport history. It’s not just about animation; even still photos can lack motion. Make sure that dynamics can be tracke in pictures, illustrations and videos changes in viewpoint and angle, alternation of plans, etc. Focus on ideas. Users get bore quickly with rich content, so your visualization should be as spacious, bright and useful as possible. Focus on the message you want to convey to the audience and don’t delay the story. Use multiple channels to communicate with your audience.

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You can create your own visual story for each platform post stories about USA CEO your employees on your website, stories about your customers on social networks, and make fictional characters the protagonists of your channel videos. Another option is to develop a story on multiple sites at the same time. Therefore, you can use the Start a story on , continue it in the email newsletter, and select the products covere in the story on the website. The visual storytelling also has to work technically, often with an entire team of experts.

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