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It should be note that the contract subject to modality is very varie, and that it can be presente under different modalities. In the same way, a person can have different work contracts subject to modality. In total, there are nine types of labor contracts that fall into this category in Peru. These are temporary contracts that can be applie to different companies, according to their particular circumstances and nees. person signing an employment contract Source: Pexels Work contract subject to modality for start or increase of activity.

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This is one of the most important types of labor contracts subject to modality Lithuania Phone Number List within Peruvian legislation, above all, because it allows companies to hire personnel when they start operating activities, when new establishments are opene, or when they participate in new markets. . The validity of the employment contract subject to modality by start or increase of activity is three years. In other words, during the first three years of the company’s activities, in which the conditions mentione above are met, this type of contract can be entere into. Many people are confuse when they believe that the contract lasts for three years, because what actually lasts for that amount of time is the condition of the company and its ability to perform an employment contract of this type.

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The worker’s labor benefits will then be subject to the condition of the USA CEO company. Employment contract subject to modality base on market nees Another of the types of labor contracts subject to modality is that of market nees, which responds to the variation in the demand for services or products that a company may experience. This means that when a company cannot meet the market demand with the personnel it has, it can resort to this hiring modality. In addition, this employment contract model can only be use for a maximum period of five years.

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