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Why does it work? Broad and phrase match keywords help your ad get the widest reach. However, their accuracy is low. Exact match keywords have high accuracy, which means they are only shown to the most relevant searchers. But they impress you less. How can you replicate it? To increase your share of impressions and still get relevant traffic, use a combination of broad match and exact match searches. Pro Tip: Use the intelligence to find the keywords your top competitors are using to improve the accuracy of your own ads. Use Find Better Keywords. Improve your audience targeting What is it? A variety of audience targeting filters are available, such as demographics, location, interests, gender (to name a few), to ensure your ads are shown to the most relevant users.

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All you may need to do is improve your audience targeting to attract potential customers. Why does it work? Irrelevant Bahrain Phone Number List targeting or targeting that is too broad will often result in lower impressions because it lowers ad quality. But too many filters can also reduce your impression. So find a middle ground and think hard about your positioning. How can you replicate it? Apply geotargeting filters to limit your ad to your targeted area. Additionally, target audience interests to increase ad relevance. Be careful with other filters like gender and age though, as over-tightening them can lower your impression.

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Filter Negative Keywords What is it? You can use negative keywords to tell your ad USA CEO not to show for certain search queries. Why does it work? Applying a negative keyword filter can prevent irrelevant impressions and clicks on your ad and help narrow your target audience. This will improve your overall impression share because it will improve your ad’s Quality Score. How can you replicate it? make sure you don’t want Keywords or terms to target when your ad is shown, and enter them into the negative keyword filter when setting up your ad. Keep refining and improving your listing.