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Game designer Learn how to make super games. Not just create, but lead a team, do cool stuff and be creative! Graphic design and communication. This is a long course where you’ll learn how to make a corporate identity, graphic elements, and some other goodies. UX user interface designer. Learn how to strategically develop websites and apps. Finish it with real fighting skills! motion designer. Teach everything that moves to move, and even do it beautifully! Specific design tips and courses lead the trend of online education, so it has different courses.

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Not only is it cool to pick up, it’s also unusual branded design. They teach looking at Greece Phone Number List brands from the inside, thinking about strategy and creating identities. typesetting. If you don’t know how to use fonts, then you don’t know what real design is. In this case, learn typography and everything will be cool! There is another training class. There are so many specialties, go and choose what you like! Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE MARKETING COURSE DISCOUNTS Marketing is so wide that there is something for everyone. Love words? Enter copywriting! Do you like numbers? Then go straight to the analyst road! forward! Professional Training Program Careers come in many varieties, but here are three that can make your life better and richer Director of Internet Marketing. An absolutely unique program, unrivaled. Learn to get the most out of your business. Business editor.

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You can earn money by taking texts, very good! people will convince USA CEO anyone. Zero to mid-level marketing analyst. Use a data-driven approach and make business decisions based on real numbers. Specific marketing skills and course marketing have dozens of fields and hundreds of tips. To be successful, you need to know most of them. I chose the most interesting profession Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Project Bomb will teach you how to make search engines work for you. influence marketing. You’ll learn how to properly work with bloggers, save money, and produce great content. contextual advertising.