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Results Master’s thesis, nationally recognized master’s degree, real case in portfolio. What You Can Do Legal Functions Automation Specialist, Lawyer cum Developer. Incentives for extensive practice, optional referrals, coordinator support, deferment of military service, and student benefits. Entry requires a Higher Education Diploma, a portfolio, successful passing of a mathematics examination and an interview. For more details, visit the online school’s website. Machine Learning Engineering is a program for those who want to use neural networks and machine learning methods to solve various business problems. You’ll learn how AI ethics, predictive modeling and sports data analysis work.

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You learn how to program, work with operating systems, independently develop Australia Mobile Number List artificial intelligence systems, design machine learning models and implement them in business processes. Even if you have no technical education and experience, the adaptation program will help you join the profession from scratch Cost per semester Duration years Basic and practical base Ural Federal University named after Yeltsin, the first president of Russia and educational platform. Results Master’s thesis, nationally recognized master’s degree, real case in portfolio. Job titles Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Developer. Rewards for intensive practice, real-life internships, careers advice and student benefits. Admission requires a Higher Education Diploma and successful passing of tests in Russian, English.

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Mathematical Analysis and Computer Science. For more details, visit the USA CEO online school website. Frequently Asked Questions or Current Questions for Applicants We have collected answers to frequently asked questions from those who have decided to pursue distance education in programming or other popular majors opting for an online format. How is distance higher education different from traditional higher education? The remote format differs from the usual format in that all courses, tests and exams are conducted online. You can study anywhere in the world, you don’t need to spend time on the road to the university, many lectures can be watched anytime at your convenience.