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Could it be that people searching on the go are interested in stores where they can try on before buying? Narrow your keyword selection You selected organic search and specified a region, but decided to keep both desktop and mobile search. Let’s see what you got and how to further narrow down the results. You still have keywords that represent searches that are not relevant to your campaign. For example, Victoria’s Secret is a popular destination for women looking for bikinis and lingerie. On top of that, the list is filled with the word Victoria secret, which is annoying and irrelevant. Here’s how to delete unwanted searches.

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Brand Search You don’t need to manually remove brand names, remove them Dubai Mobile Number List from the results. Doing this usually results in a lot of false positives. Similarweb Automatic Non-Brand Filter does it for you and helps overcome mistakes. For example, if you’re doing a keyword gap analysis for Fox News, you won’t see keywords that explicitly include Fox News. However, the tool still picks up fox nation and even celebrity Megan Fox. You can see positions and in the screenshot below. Screenshot of Fox News Keyword Gap Analysis Results What does this mean for the Summer Sale example? As you can see in the next screenshot.


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Some brand names are challenging to spell, and searchers typing words that USA CEO sound similar can clog up your keyword blank list. List of Top Traffic Driving Keywords To remove them, simply enter these misspelled brand names into filter keywords or URLs and exclude them. . Irrelevant keywords or keyword groups If there are similar keywords or keyword groups that do not add value to your analysis, remove them in the same way. In the field with the little magnifying glass, enter any other words you don’t want to see, such as lingerie or underwear. Next, select Exclude Included Keywords. . Specific page URLs Using the same feature, you can exclude entire URLs. This allows you to narrow down the pages that receive traffic. Take, for example, a website with a section for swimwear and a section for beach furniture. Enter the beach furniture section URL here and exclude it from the list by selecting Exclude URLs from inclusion.

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