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Affiliate marketing is often portrayed as a form of passive income, but to get to the stage where money flows without you having to do anything, you need to get it set up right and choose the right provider. Most successful affiliates continue to put in the work to grow the business. As a supplier, you need to make sure your affiliates are doing well and keeping doing well. Investigate their activities and results before you commit. With enough affiliates to choose from, you have no reason to compromise with a business or individual that doesn’t quite meet your expectations.

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Keep tracking and evaluating their performance to make sure they continue to give Taiwan Phone Number List you what you need. Affiliate Marketing Success Tips Illustrated Tip No. : Work With Competing Vendors Here’s the affiliate tip that vendors don’t want you to hear. But sooner or later, you will understand. (Affiliate Managers, don’t worry, we have one for you too. Your supplier’s competition is an excellent resource for finding additional opportunities. Affiliates promote various suppliers and suppliers work with many affiliates. Find out about the affiliate landscape and top advertisers in your industry, region or niche, and which affiliates promote them. Identify your supplier’s main competitors and see if they have an affiliate program.

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This is a great opportunity for you to expand your business. Additionally, you can USA CEO analyze a potential supplier’s website traffic to see where their referral traffic is coming from and assess the competition you will face if you choose to work with the site. Screenshot of incoming traffic from a selection of fashion websites. In the Incoming Traffic view, you can see where your provider’s competitors are getting their traffic. Are they affiliated companies? Then analyze their sites and traffic to see if they are relevant to you. Tip number : Reach out to competitors’ affiliates For merchants, competitions are an excellent place to investigate affiliate potential. With some affiliate competitive research, you can learn a lot from competitor data. First, discover affiliates that work with your competitors but you don’t.