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Geometric design styles are popular in digital because simple lines and shapes are lighter than complex images but look just as expressive. Classic style It is characterize by clean details, rich colors and contrasting combinations. Classical-style designs are distinguishe by elegance and simplicity, as well as by the rigor and integrity of each graphic element. Classic is chosen by government agencies, banks, law firms, elite restaurants and upscale hotels for designing websites and printe materials. The main idea of ​​minimalism is to get rid of unnecessary details. With its help, visual congestion of websites, advertising banners and logos can be avoide.

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Marketing agencies, design studios, clothing, footwear or home goods brands opt for Czech Republic Phone Number List minimalism. Modern This style combines natural lines, asymmetry and non-standard proportions. Pastel colors with floral decorations dominate the Art Nouveau palette. In graphic design, Art Nouveau was use to design websites and advertising banners for home cafes, craft shops and beauty salons which were popular with female audiences. Pop art is the combination of fine art and popular culture in design schemes. Pop art is characterize by its appeal to images from comic books and cult films, bright colors, non-standard compositions, poster typefaces, and collage techniques.

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Most often, the pop art style is use in the design of advertising banners, packaging, and the USA CEO development of websites and landing pages. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! Subscribe to channels Subscribe to image formats There are only two image formats, but without understanding their characteristics, it is impossible to become a professional graphic designer. A vector image is a composition of geometric objects circles, polygons, etc. Vector images consist of dots and lines, not pixels, so they can be enlarge or reuce without loss of quality. A vector image can be likene to point drawing in a graphics eitor, it draws anchor points, which are then connecte with lines and fille with color. Logos are create in vector form and they scale easily from tiny business cards to giant billboards.