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You get the idea. Optimize video descriptions for SEO Don’t miss out on opportunities to describe your video content to search engines and viewers. The description is where you provide context for the title. A YouTubeoptimized video description can influence rankings and help get you in front of your target audience. Here’s what I’ve learned about optimizing descriptions. . What keywords should you include in your description? Where? Your main keyword should appear within the first words. Depending on the length of the description, you can add keywords times.

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Add additional keywords throughout the description text. . How long should the Paraguay Phone Number List description be? Your video description should be at least words. YouTube limits descriptions to , characters. That’s about , words, which is equivalent to a short blog post. So, don’t skimp and make this part count. . What information did you include in the description? Focus on the value viewers get from watching your video. For tutorials or howto videos, tell your visitors what they can learn. If you post a product video, explain the problem your product solves, and for an informational video, describe the question the video answers. Start with a compelling introduction. This should be written as a CTA (Call to Action like an extension of the title. This section appears as a snippet in YouTube search results.

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What other elements can you add to your description? Screenshots of video USA CEO descriptions on YouTube with chapters I highly recommend using timestamps. This is useful for both search engines and viewers. Timestamps allow Google and YouTube to segment videos and divide them into chapters to better guide viewers to what they want to watch. These segments are sometimes displayed on Google SERPs, making it very easy for visitors to get where they want to go. If you want to link your video to another location, such as your blog or your website, this is the place to add the link. Put the keyword near the beginning, as it will appear in bold text in the code snippet on the SERP. . What is the best structure for describing text? Start with a compelling sentence introduction about how the audience will benefit from watching (remember the segment.

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