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To do this, you go to Keyword Analysis under Keyword Research, get a predefined list, and create a keyword list in the tool. See how many keywords are scored as easy, medium, and hard. Screenshot of keyword list analysis. Compare the amount of traffic opted in for each competitor. Then analyze each keyword individually. You can create an all-encompassing report and start prioritizing keywords for your strategy or optimization. . Using Keyword Difficulty in International SEO A keyword analysis tool with Keyword Difficulty Score is very useful if you are planning to enter a new territory. Comparing keyword difficulty across geographies can help you.

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Decide which countries to develop content in first See which countries you can India Mobile Number List easily rank for which type of content, as keyword difficulty can vary Use broad keywords word list up to and see how keyword difficulty varies across positions. Start by checking your position, the number of easy, medium and difficult keywords in the US. Then run the same check for the area you plan to enter, e.g. Canada. If you have a high percentage of difficult keywords, you may need to investigate further and reconsider. Maybe the best strategy in the US isn’t the best strategy for Canada. If you have low difficulty scores for most keywords or higher sections, you can run the same strategy in new areas.


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Examine individual keywords with country filters, see how easy it is to rank in that USA CEO country, and roll out a fine-tuned keyword international SEO strategy. Who’s Afraid of Keyword Difficulty? See how smart use of metrics can clear up the fog surrounding keyword difficulty? You also now see why there is no reason to avoid difficult keywords entirely. Think big and develop an expert approach to keyword difficulty. Turn keyword difficulty metrics into solid foundations for long-term SEO planning. What matters is how you use the metric — that is, as long as the score is correct — that relies on accurate data. With these tips in place, you’ll have no more excuses for not targeting high-potential keywords. Now you can try Similarweb for free and see how your SEO strategy will benefit.

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