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Get the Complete Guide to Keyword Difficulty Get current accurate industry benchmarks and learn how to find keyword difficulty with Similarweb Digital Intelligence Platform Using Similarweb Conduct a Keyword Difficulty Analysis On Similarweb, you’ll find the Keyword Difficulty Score displayed in the Keyword Research Tools and Competitive Analysis sections. In Keyword Research Under These Characteristics: Keyword Gap Keyword Generator Keyword Overview Competitive Analysis Under These Characteristics: Search Keywords It is a numeric score from , divided into Easy, Medium and difficulty. This structure is easy to work with and explain with stakeholders who may need clarification.

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Here’s a breakdown of Similarweb’s Keyword Difficulty Score system: Diagram of the Hong Kong Phone Numbers List breakdown of Keyword Difficulty Scores in Similarweb. Simple – Keywords with scores in this range from and to have little or no competition. You don’t need to invest a lot of resources to rank on SERPs Search Engine Results Pages. Most relevant long-tail keywords will appear in this range. Just remember to make sure there is enough traffic. Moderate – Scores from to To rank for these keywords, some research and optimization is required. That may seem like a large range of scores, but you don’t really need the extra subcategories. In any case, you’re considering a specific numerical score in this set of keywords.


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See if the score is based on high domain authority or the number of backlinks or USA CEO content quality, or all of these. Learn what steps you need to take to rank high. Find the most relevant secondary keywords and invest in link building. Difficult – Scores from 1 to 2 at this level, keywords also typically have the highest traffic potential. It will take more time and effort to rank high on SERPs. You’ll find many valuable generic terms in this category, but probably not unique to your industry or business unit.