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Deciding on full paid training with certificates, portfolios and instructor feedback is much easier if you are at least roughly familiar with the industry. Books for hairdressers You can not only learn hairdressing techniques in courses, but also from books. We’ve put together some useful books on hairdressing basics. A textbook, this book tells about the general development of the hairdressing industry as well as the basics of the industry. You’ll learn about the peculiarities of scalp and hair care, and learn about safety procedures during procedures and the ethics of communicating with clients. The author considers the basic technical and vocational requirements for dyeing and cutting according to national standards.

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The bible for the barber and colorist. The master book on creating the perfect color, for the Shandong Mobile Phone Number List guru planning to delve into coloring techniques. The author is an expert in coloring and has trained many masters. The book discusses theory, backed up with practical examples. You will also read the secrets of the world’s masters, learn about the author’s hair care methods; sanitation and personal hygiene for hairdressers. textbook, Successful craftsmen not only create fashionable hairstyles and hairstyles, but also do so according to the requirements of work organization, place arrangement and cooperation with clients. All these requirements are described in detail in the book.

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Professional community for hairdressers During your training, you communicate USA CEO with other masters and receive feedback from your teachers. But it is also important to continue communicating after the course. In this case, you can subscribe to the hairdresser’s account in social networks and instant messengers. There are many of them, we have selected the most popular ones for you. I am a hairdresser. Nearly ten thousand people have subscribed to it, one of the largest beauty publics on the Internet. In the community, useful posts are published every day, and you can post comments under the posts.

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