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Both advertisers and publishers have less control over the outcome of the deal. The question is, how much control do they really need, and is that necessarily a disadvantage? The risk of fraud is considered higher, and in some cases, publishers have used bots to fake impressions or pretend to be someone they are not. Some involved in the advertising industry mourn the loss of personal relationships. Indeed, nothing serves business better than excellent, lasting personal relationships. There is one point that should worry advertisers and publishers alike because it puts a question mark of the future: whole system relies on cookies.

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Does this mean programmatic advertising will vanish with them? Mobile Malta Phone Number List advertising Is there a future for programmatic advertising? It is unclear if and how programmatic will evolve without cookies. There is still time for the developers to find a solution to keep it running or upgrade to a different cookiefree system. But one thing is for sure, digital display advertising is not going away. For now, marketers should make sure they have programmatic advertising, but don’t rely entirely on it. Both parties should continue to invest in direct relationships with each other and track performance through ad analytics. Personal commitment and interaction cannot be easily replaced.

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There is always value in finding your business partner instead of letting an algorithm USA CEO connect you based on auction results. As you can see, even programmatic advertising includes the option to negotiate directly. How to find a good partner for programmatic advertising? You can find and evaluate potential partners by analyzing web traffic data. To identify highpotential publishers, you can access Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence and get a list of all publishers and ad networks sending traffic to a selected website. Assess audience engagement to determine the potential of these publishers to your site and find out where their outgoing traffic is directed.

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