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Unlike other keyword research tools that only show gaps in keyword rankings, with Similarweb you can measure whether rankings are paying off and bringing in visitors. Screenshot of Similarweb Keyword Gap Lists for Several Fashion Sites Bananarepublic’s two competitors rank for keyword lists, but they don’t. Click to view the many metrics and insights you receive. The tool offers tons of useful filters, so you don’t get distracted by irrelevant branded keywords and can focus on keywords with medium or low difficulty, high search volume, and more. Keyword Comparison Put Keyword Ideas Side by Side With the Keyword Comparison tool, you can view key metrics for up to five keywords side by side. This is especially useful when you have several keywords that are performing well and want to finetune your strategy for each keyword.

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Another scenario where this tool is super useful is when you want to choose the main keyword for a Jordan Phone Number List piece of content. The Keyword Comparison Tool lets you refine your keyword performance analysis to pinpoint specific terms with the highest traffic potential. Screenshot of Similarweb’s Keyword Comparison Tool showing traffic trend comparison Screenshot of Similarweb’s Keyword Comparison Tool showing traffic trend comparison Compare two (or more similar keywords to see which gets more traffic. Compare that to the number of visits (second graph to get an idea of ​​the value of exposure. Title: Contrary to other keyword generators and research tools, Similarweb does not rely on Google for data.

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Keyword data on Similarweb is collected independently at scale and through different USA CEO methods. Because we measure actual web activity, we can provide the most reliable and accurate metrics for SEO research. Similarweb also doesn’t categorize keywords, but instead displays metrics for each specific keyword. For example, when you use Google or other keyword generators, they don’t distinguish between singular and plural keywords. This is just an example. Snatch Organic Pages for Competitor Keywords This is a personal favorite. on Similarweb In a digital marketing intelligence platform, you can see your competitors’ top organic pages and the keywords that are driving them traffic.