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The year we most associate hashtags with social media — but they’re much earlier than you might think. Back in 9, a platform called Internet Relay Chat IRC was the first to use tags to categorize videos, images, group messages, and text content. Then, in , Twitter started using the ” ” symbol. Specifically, Chris Messina suggested it as a way to group similar content together for users. The first public tweet to include a hashtag was this – posted by Chris Messina on th AugustAs you can imagine, the first hashtag was “barcamp”.

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Now, not everything with a ” ” sign is a tag. To be considered a valid hashtag, it needs to Job Function Email Database have no spaces launchparty is not launch party Less than characters could be longer, but shorter tags perform better Why use hashtags for marketing? Hashtags are important to social media algorithms because they cannot understand language the way humans do. Instead, they rely on keywords and hashtags to explain what the post is about and file it appropriately. Hashtags help users simplify scrolling so they only see what interests them. For example, you can check out makeupaddiction for posts about makeup, or runnerslife for posts about running. Of course, if you’re a social media marketer, hashtags can help you Increase engagement Without hashtags, only people who follow you, search your profile, or discover you in trends will see your posts.

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Hashtags extend the reach of your posts into the feeds of people USA CEO searching for content like yours. Likewise, hashtags encourage people to engage with you. For example, some hashtags ask questions or ask people for their opinions. People respond to these hashtags in the comments, increasing your social media engagement and thus your reach . Other hashtags encourage people to create user-generated content UGC . Doritos are known by the fanfriday hashtag. People who like Doritos create Doritos-inspired art, and Doritos retweets it to increase engagement and reach. This way people can view related posts. Doritos on Instagram fanfriday. Staying on top of trends Trending topics often come with a hashtag that you can use in your posts. When you create relevant content using this hashtag, your content may also start to go viral.