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Use the Video Search filter to see what keywords searchers are using to find video content. Screenshot of Keyword Gap results. You can do the same for the list of competitors you want to compare. Discover other keywords that specific brands in your niche are successfully targeting, and see what keywords others are using to address related topics. The tool also allows you to identify up and down trends, and which sites are losing or gaining traffic for selected keywords. Use additional filters for more granularity. How to Do a Competitive Analysis for Paid Video Advertising on YouTube When you think of video marketing, what comes to mind? If you’re thinking about bothering, you’re not alone.

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We’ve all been there — one minute you’re listening to a Parisian café playlist, and the next Dominican Republic Phone Number List minute an insurance ad jumps at you. In fact, these ads made some brands famous. Take Grammarly, the typing assistant, or Noom, the diet app. Even if you don’t watch any of their video ads until the end, you’ll recognize the brands and understand their industry niche. For example, Noom lives in a very crowded market. Every other week, a new diet promises its target audience the fulfillment of their dreams. Many people use video advertising on YouTube. The only way to stand out is to understand what your competitors are doing and do it better. What can you learn from the game? What excites your target audience. Which of your competitors’ weaknesses can you improve upon. What works for your competitors. Which keywords to use to improve your targeting and generate more high-quality traffic. What are the trends in video marketing in your industry.


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What not to do. This allows you to: Optimize your paid video advertising USA CEO strategy. Set goals more realistically and effectively. Improve your position in the market. Improve ROI. All this just by comparing traffic and engagement stats? Yes! how to use Similarweb Compares Paid Advertising Performance on YouTube In an industry as saturated and as broadly targeted as nutrition, you’ll be measuring yourself against the best, not the average or your closest competitor. Why? If you want to stand out in the market, market leader success is your goal.